online store website uses cookies and similar technologies to help provide its customers with a better and safer experience and to have the possibility to help customers to receive the most suitable offers.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a tiny data file that is transferred onto a computer, mobile phone, or any other device that was used to access the website. Cookies are used for the visitors’ analytics only. The information received from cookies makes customer’s experience, while using the website, safer and better, and helps understanding the user’s preferences and to improve our services. online store website uses only Google Analytics cookies, which provide insight into how a visitor uses the website. Also, the cookies report about possible operational mistakes on the website so Pavlook Oy can improve its service.

Taking into account:

Pavlook Oy is the primary user of the cookies

  • The cookies do not allow to get any information which could be considered as private or personal
  • The cookies do not allow identification of the visitor
  • Pavlook Oy does not provide access to this information to any third parties online store website uses only non-essential cookies, which doesn’t require the visitors’ approval in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). However, we inform our customers about the cookies the website collects. website uses the following cookies:

pll_language website gets the following information:

  • Information about visited pages and duration of the visits
  • Information about a visitor’s browser, language settings, type of the used device and its operating system
  • Information how a visitor reached the website 

All the above information is processed by Google, which then provides Pavlook Oy with a non-personalized summary of the website visits.

How long the cookies are stored on the website visitor's device:

_ga – 2 years
_gid – 24 hours
_gat – 10 minutes
pll_language – 1 year

This information allows Pavlook Oy:

  • To get information on visits to the website
  • To determine the number of visitors and how they use the website
  • To determine a visitor’s language preferences automatically

A customer may remove or disable cookies through browser settings and it will not affect the correct usability of the website.

Pavlook Oy reserves the right to modify this cookie notice at any time in whole or in part without notifying its visitors.

This cookie notice is an integral part of privacy policy.
Last update: 31.08.2020